ServicesOffshore Pedestal Crane Inspection

In global terms, nearly every jurisdiction demands for the inspection of offshore cranes on a regular basis. Most commonly, this is annually. The driver of this requirement is ultimately the regulations written around offshore pedestal crane inspection. This, in turn, has been mandated by government in the form of legislation and/or statute. The result is that failure to carry out these inspections will be certain to incur problems. This applies to rigs and platforms, as well as Classification Societies and/or hiring customers.

The most quoted regulation and standards are those of the US API 2D and the UK LOLER 1998. As a result, rigs and cranes operating in areas covered by either of these regulations must take steps to abide by them. However, even outside these places, company and customer policy may dictate that compliance is also required. Even if the actual need to be compliant with anything is not clear.

CLS can ensure that your cranes are compliant with either of the above quoted regulations. This includes qualified inspectors available to mobilise to your cranes’ location. This applies to providing offshore engineering services at its work location, as well as in a shipyard undergoing repair. The regulations state what needs to be included in the inspection. This defines the required qualifications and competency of the inspectors.

CLS have 30+ years of experience in offshore pedestal crane inspection, maintenance and repair. We inspect your cranes, ensure they have a current certificate and that they incur no issues with overall rig classification.

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